Container ships (or Cargo ships) is one of two types of vessels in SM. You can purchase used container ships or build brand new ships.

The first shipEdit

At the beginning, every young CEO has a 500 TEU ship located in the home port. It's the starting ship and cannot be purchased in the shop. It's unique and good for a start-up. Its specification is the below:

Length: 34 Meters
Capacity: 500 TEU
Engine effect: 3,725 KW
Max speed: 16 Knots
Home port: Your port
Est Fuel cons.: 294 KG Per hour
Build in: 1970
Crew: 11

Used container shipsEdit

There are 24 models to choose. Each one has different specifications.

Serial number Load capacity


Length (meters)

Engine Power (KW)

Max Speed (Knots)

Fuel Consumption (KG per Hour)

Crew Required Hours of operation Year of construction Price
SM-02-SMF 200 22 2,500 8 450 16 105,000 1971 $2,200,000


200 21 1,500 8 250 13 15,652 1999 $2,500,000
The most efficient ships in the early game are the ME-01-FEE and the LA-02-FEX. In the mid to late game, the most efficient ships are the HU-02-PPX, the EH-01-NPX and the EH-03-NPX.
Ranked ships

Brand new shipsEdit

You can build your new ships in many shipyards in SM.