Here is where you take care of your staff. Since the Overall staff efficiency directly effects the income as a multiplier, this is important. It is calculated as an average of the categories below, regardless how many is employed in each. For instance, one Captain at 100% and a thousand Boatswains at 90% will yield an average of 95%. Each ship your purchase will come with the minimum crew listed, and is added to your staff.

Be advised that raising salary for your staff generally is a bad idea in long terms, as the game will constantly lower them efficiency of your workers, and constant pay-raises will ultimately drive your company bankrupt. When that happens, your only options to keep playing is to either spend 750 FOB to reset your wages, or reset the company for free.

Management optionsEdit

Clicking the Manage-button will open a popup-window with the following:

  • Employed: How many in this category you have on your payroll; Current Efficiency: The efficiency for this category; Salary: the daily salary for each individual in the category.

Then follows a number of buttons, which will only effect the employees within the category, eg. what you do in the Captain's popup will not effect the cooks. All changes are in percentage units, so +3% on 80% efficiency will give you 83% efficiency. The max efficiency is 100% anything over is truncated. The efficiency can drop below zero and that will give a negative %, and actions designed to lower efficiency further can't be performed.

  • Give your employees a 10% payraise.
  • Give your employees a 10% paycut. It can never be lowered below $500 though, regardless of where it started.
  • Fire one employee within the category. -6%
  • Hire one new employee within the category. +3%
  • Give employees a reprimand. Basically you flip a coin here, and hope the efficiency will raise rather than decrease. +/- 2%-11%

Staff categoriesEdit

  • Captains: are the first in command, and in charge of all activities onboard the vessel. The captain supervises all or most activities onboard the vessel.

  • Chief officers: are the second in charge and is the right hand of the captain

  • Third officers: are the 3rd in charge, and generally in charge for all safety onboard the vessel.

  • Chief Engineers: are responsible for all operations and maintenance that have to do with all engineering equipment throughout the ship.
  • First assistant engineers: are the officers responsible for supervising the daily maintenance and operation of the engine department.

  • Chief Cooks: are responsible for cooking & planning the menu onboard.

  • Boatswains: are responsible for all deck works which includes ship maintenance, and repair of deck equipments.

  • Chief Stewards: are responsible for cleaning and maintaining officers quarters and steward department areas, and receiving, issuing, and inventorying stores.

  • Risk Assessors: will do an analysis of a route to determine the percentage risk on that specific route. Risk factors include Piracy, Tides, Weather, Shallow waters etc.

  • Contract negotiators: are responsible for negotiating the prices of cargo/oil onboard your vessels.